“Today you can see tablets and pads and other things that are starting to live in the space in between (a PC and a smartphone),” Mundie said. “Personally, I don’t know whether that space will be a persistent one or not.”

Sorry Mr. Mundie, but I think you have your head in the sand on this one and I suppose I can understand why.  The tablet isn’t situated between the PC and the smartphone, it is replacing the PC.  This surely scares the hell of you.

“Last year, Jobs compared the PC market to the U.S. automobile industry, noting that most vehicles in America at first were trucks, because they were driven by farmers. But as cars became more popular with the growth of cities, and features like power steering and automatic transmission were added, the truck came to represent a smaller number of vehicles on the road. “PCs are going to be like trucks,” he said.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer later fired back with a different spin on Jobs’ analogy: “There may be a reason they call them Mack Trucks,” Ballmer said, referring to Apple’s Mac line of computers. “But Windows machines are not going to be trucks.””

Apparently Ballmer took offense to Jobs stating that “PCs are going to be like trucks” and completely miss that what Jobs meant was that PCs would become much more of a utility device.  A lot of people buy trucks because they have a heavy job to do.

Of course, Ballmer’s response is to attempt to put Windows everywhere even if it means allowing the market to pass them by.

Reading headlines like this really emphasizes just how lost Microsoft is right now

Microsoft Tablet OS Not Due Until 2012

This tells me two things.  One, Windows Phone 7 was nothing more than a reaction to iOS.  Two, they had no further strategy than that.

Apparently it simply didn’t occur to them that Apple might take their new mobile operating system and bring it to a tablet device, the same type of device Microsoft has been trying to create *for years* and have failed.  Unfortunately for Microsoft, and everyone else for that matter, Apple doesn’t just have a great mobile OS, they also already have an entire supporting ecosystem adding tremendous value to their mobile OS.

Clearly Microsoft, who has been trying build a tablet people actually want to use for years, simply doesn’t know what they’re doing.  “Redmond, start your copiers” is really real.  You have to feel a little bad for Microsoft.  They’ve been trying for years and Apples launches one out of the park on their first try.  But the difference here is that Apple has their own vision.

Microsoft is at it again. They’re making wild claims about having a number of iPad killers at 2011’s CES based on their Windows 7 OS. I really hope that they came up with a way to make Windows 7 more appropriate for a tablet.

But after reading this I dare say they haven’t

The Times, citing unnamed sources, said the Samsung devices would be “similar in size and shape” to the iPad, but not as thin and equipped with a slide-out keyboard.

A slide-out keyboard?! Are f&($ing kidding me? Congratulations, you just made a more cumbersome laptop

I recently went through this exact same procedure to replace a drive in my own Windows 7 system. The difference here is that Paul Thurrott took the time to write a post about the procedure. While it isn’t any where near as simple cloning a Mac system, it is certainly far easier than it has ever been in the past.

Replace Your Hard Drive Using Free Windows 7 Tools

When asked how Microsoft plans to the extended battery life and instant on capabilities of the iPad Ballmer had this to say

“I think probably the things of tomorrow are best left for tomorrow and the things of today are best discussed today,” he said. “So today, I will focus on Windows Phone.”

Or in other words, “we have nothing.”

Microsoft celebrated the RTM of Windows Phone with an incredibly awkward mock funeral for iPhone and BlackBerry. Apparently Microsoft is either not worried about Android or they don’t think Windows Phone 7 can compete with it. Either way, claiming to have buried the competition before the general public actually has Windows Phone 7 devices is a bit premature and I really hope it doesn’t mean Microsoft thinks it can now just sit back and relax.

I just can’t get over some of the stuff on Microsoft’s PC vs Mac argument page. Some of it is true, like the lack of Blu-Ray support. This is something that really irritates me about the Mac platform. Some of the other stuff is just simply stretching it such as the following:

Working smoothly.

Things just don’t work the same way on Macs if you’re used to a PC. For example, the mouse works differently. And many of the shortcuts you’re familiar with don’t work the same way on a Mac.

This statement really makes me want to wipe OS X off my laptop and install Windows 7, it really does. Then again, it really is amazing how I managed to adapt to the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

But in the end, the thing that really makes me scratch my head is why the page exists at all, or rather, why it’s just so thin on real reasons to use Windows 7. Yes, Apple has been running a negative ad campaign for years poking fun at Microsoft and most of the time I thought they really did hit some of the weak points in Windows. Despite all of that, Apple still openly advertises that you can run Windows on a Mac and they even go so far as to provide the tools to do so. Their tools resize the OS X partition, create a new one for Windows and provide all of the drivers needed to get Windows running. You can then dual boot your Mac system between OS X and Windows. Point is, they’re not afraid to admit that sometimes a person really might want or need to run Windows for whatever function and they provide the tools to do so. Microsoft should be playing on this and attempting to convince people that they need Windows for whatever reason and that a Mac’s can also be a great PC.

Instead we have Microsoft making some incredibly weak arguments on how Windows 7 is superior to the OS X. Some of them are valid and some of them are simply wrong. Either way, Microsoft is primarily a software company and they shouldn’t be pissing on a potential platform. Microsoft has had Office on OS X for years but lets face it, it lags behind the Windows version and has never felt like a proper Mac application. The current 2008 version is incredibly slow even on the latest Macs. While Office 2011 may be set to change that it’s just too early to tell.