Seeing reports of owners of the new 2011 Macbook Pros having issues with them locking up under load.  Anyone else seeing this? I know I initially had issues with my work laptop (2010 13″ Pro) but I am pretty sure it was caused by having an NTFS partition (Windows installed) and the spotlight search system.  Since removing Windows I haven’t had a hard lock since and in fact have over 40 days of uptime.

Microsoft is at it again. They’re making wild claims about having a number of iPad killers at 2011’s CES based on their Windows 7 OS. I really hope that they came up with a way to make Windows 7 more appropriate for a tablet.

But after reading this I dare say they haven’t

The Times, citing unnamed sources, said the Samsung devices would be “similar in size and shape” to the iPad, but not as thin and equipped with a slide-out keyboard.

A slide-out keyboard?! Are f&($ing kidding me? Congratulations, you just made a more cumbersome laptop

WSJ and some others are reporting that the Beatles are on their way to iTunes. I agree that this is much more likely than any sort of streaming service but it’s far less interesting, at least to me.